What are the benefits of massage?

benefits of massage

What are the benefits of massage?

By: Kat Parker

“From the moment we are born to the final days of our lives, touch acts as a central aspect of the human experience — impacting our physical, mental and emotional health, and quite literally shaping the way we go through our lives.”  -Kerry Song, “The Power of Touch”

The history of massage is said to be as old as human civilization. Over time different cultures and communities have developed unique perspectives on the way touch can help the human body heal and restore, but at the center of each belief is the notion that massage, in its many forms, is a very powerful tool in keeping us balanced and healthy. It is something we do instinctively – rub the back of a crying baby, offer a hug to a friend, knead a sore muscle after a long day – and it is something that can greatly impact our well-being. It provides benefits not only to the body, but also to the mind and spirit, which is why massage is an essential part of any wellness plan.


Many of us have started to believe that difficulties like muscular tension, repetitive injuries, and high blood pressure are a normal part of life, but they don’t have to be. Massage has shown to have a positive impact on all kinds of physical ailments. It can help you manage chronic pain and improve cardiovascular health. It can boost immunity and decrease the frequency of migraines. It can relieve tension and increase your range of motion so that you can move better – a powerful benefit whether you are an athlete or executive or stay at home parent. As your body lets go of stress and returns to a state of rest and restore your whole system gets a boost. Organ function, hormone balance, and cellular repair get a chance to catch up and the body begins its natural process of healing itself.


In addition to the physical benefits, massage offers many advantages in mental wellness. It can help relieve stress and promote better sleep. It can improve productivity and morale. Not to mention that when your body is in balance, your mind is naturally more at ease. Massage may not be able to solve the complex problems of daily life, but by giving yourself permission to relax you might find that you have increased energy, clarity, and stamina to manage those stressors.


Massage can help you connect to your body and rediscover your wholeness. That, in my opinion, is the most important benefit of them all. The sense of self awareness, serenity, and belonging in your own body that comes after a massage is reason enough to seek out regular sessions. Also, massage just feels amazing. You start to feel better before the therapist even enters the room. You find yourself in a quiet place with soothing scents and calming sounds, your eyes close and your breathing slows as you settle into the space. If you have ever before reached that delicious meditative state while receiving a massage, I’d say you’ve experienced true bliss. And if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?

Article originally published in Horizona Magazine by the SamaraInfocenter