CRSMT’s vision is to be a world-renowned educational institution that facilitates and inspires individuals to foster their unique contributions to the world.



CRSMT’s mission is to provide an internationally recognized educational experience that inspires and promotes awareness of holistic medicine and wellness practices and gives our students the tools necessary to share their gifts with the world.

CRSMT was founded in 2006 with the specific intent of creating an environment that would break the mold with regard to massage therapy education. Our founders had the inspiring vision of creating a program that incorporates adventure, awe-inspiring beauty, and the raw environment of Costa Rica into an intensive residential study abroad massage therapy program. Today, CRSMT is proudly producing talented and creative bodywork artists that are armed and ready to contribute to and succeed in the healing arts industry.

We are strongly committed to training heart-centered therapists that possess strong foundational knowledge of massage techniques, health sciences, and professional standards of practice and ethics. It is our goal to provide a nurturing and inspiring learning environment where our students can create their own style and individuality with regard to their bodywork skills.

Our students take an amazing journey that covers a vast spectrum of experiences, challenges, and emotions. We have taken great care in designing the program to tap into the human spirit and appetite for adventure while providing an intensive academic environment that will inspire excellence. The rigors of the program as well as the beauty and intimacy that come with living and learning abroad will test your commitment, strength, and fortitude, but will reward you with a strong sense of achievement, confidence, personal growth, friendships, laughter – as well as a new career.


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