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The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy is the premier study abroad program in the world for Massage Therapy Certification! In 2020, our massage therapy school became the world’s first COMTA Accredited Massage Therapy certifications and training programs for study abroad. Students receive an outstanding education that prepares them to perform at a highly-skilled level in the massage therapy industry. The CRSMT curriculum builds a solid foundation of knowledge in combination with advanced skills such that students graduate well equipped to provide customized therapeutic massage treatments to safely and effectively address everything from relaxation to sports-related injuries. Graduates of the CRSMT massage therapy program are eligible for licensing in most of the United States and many other places around the world.


Our massage therapy school’s vision is to be a world-renowned educational institution that facilitates and inspires individuals to foster their unique contributions to the world.

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CRSMT was founded in 2006 with the specific intent of creating an environment that would break the mold with regard to massage therapy education.

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Our massage therapy school sits in the charming remote town of Playa Samara, near the edge of the rainforest on the central Pacific coast of the Nicoya peninsula.

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What do our graduates say about CRSMT?

Joshua O'Connell CRSMT Graduate

The course is vigorous and can challenge you, but if you are someone who strives to succeed and work hard, this is the massage school to change your life for the better. When we first arrived, we were all warned this place would change our lives in at least one way. I can whole-heartedly say CRSMT has changed and impacted my life in numerous ways be it the: teachers, student community, or Costa Rica its self and so much more. If you’re looking for change and to truly find yourself, push yourself into adventure to study massage therapy here in the most beautiful place to do so!

Joshua O'Connell

CRSMT Graduate

Toni Tyler CRSMT Graduate

Several times over, my grandfather shared that it is the things you don’t do in life that you will most regret. I’m so thankful to him for lighting my torch with encouraging words to live my best life, put one foot in front of the other, and just go! The CRSMT program is purposely set up for students to succeed with their incredible instructors, outstanding office staff, and grounds team. I encourage each person who reads this to JUST DO IT. Go the distance and you will be happy you did. 

Toni Tyler

CRSMT Graduate

Pavel Hernandez CRSMT Graduate

I was really attracted to the acceleration of the program, as well as the location, of course. After looking at the curriculum, I was sold! The curriculum at CRSMT is pretty heavy. It involves a lot of Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, as well as bodywork classes. I was really attracted to how much of the sciences it included. Being in such a new environment throws you off, but it was such a great learning experience. Putting all the work in that was necessary has been so worth it. I know that I’m going to be successful going into the profession.

Pavel Hernandez

CRSMT Graduate

Deanna Hamilton CRSMT Graduate

Putting my experience here at CRSMT into words for a review is not an easy task. If you feel called to come here, follow that call and come. Listen to that voice deep down that tells you this is the right path. You will be supported, you will be challenged, you will evolve. I feel profoundly grateful for this experience and well prepared for my journey in bodywork.

Deanna Hamilton

CRSMT Graduate

Brittany Hardecki CRSMT Graduate

 I’m sitting here on the last day of class in awe of how beautifully this program is designed. It challenged me more than I could have believed possible in more ways than one, but they also have incorporated so much education and activities to learn how to take care of yourself through the process, as well as for years to come in your life and career. They told us from the beginning we wouldn’t be the same people when we leave this program that we were at the start, and it rings true today. If you’re up for the challenge of your life and seeking deep personal growth, CRSMT is for you.

Brittany Hardecki

CRSMT Graduate

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