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Student Spotlight

Studying Abroad with Family: Cyndi Jurkowski's Experience at CRSMT

Meet Cyndi Jurkowski, a recent graduate of the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. From Western New York and having lived in Colorado for the past 15 years, Cyndi embarked on an international study experience that transformed not just her career but her entire life. 

Student Spotlight

Embracing the Gift of Healing: Michelle Dingivan's CRSMT Experience

Step into the world of Michelle Dingivan, a dedicated graduate from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. Originating from northern Connecticut's picturesque landscapes, Michelle unfolds her remarkable adventure of holistic education, harmonious connection with nature, and invaluable friendships fostered in the heart of Samara.

Student Spotlight

Discovering Passion in Paradise: Ndinelao Biegen's Inspiring Journey in Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the incredible journey of Ndinelao Biegen, a recent graduate, as she embarks on a quest to find her true passion. Raised in New Jersey, she dreamed of a fulfilling career in the medical field. Learn how a simple Google search guided her to the enchanting campus of CRSMT in Samara, where each day became an exhilarating blend of immersive education, tight-knit community connections, and the breathtaking allure of Costa Rica's natural wonders.

Our programs include both a world-renowned 600 and 700-hour COMTA accredited massage therapy program, and numerous continuing education opportunities including a delightful continuing education retreat vacation. Our graduates are eligible to become fully licensed massage therapists in most of the United States and many other places around the world. Our continuing education courses are all NCBTMB-approved and are good for license renewal in most of the US as well.

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