Sea, Sun, Ocean Breeze

Sea, Sun Ocean Breeze

Here I am on the pacific coast of Costa Rica! There is something about the sea, sun and ocean breezes that makes me laugh out loud! Every morning I walk this beautiful beach and salute the rising sun…. It is magnificent… My heart feels the sun’s radiance and I am warmed from the inside out. I laugh because I am here experiencing my life. The sea pulls me to laugh, live joyously out loud and without apologies.Feeling the ocean breeze in Samara Beach
Have you felt that way in your life? Is there something that calls forth your joy?

My morning ritual here is to walk directly into the ocean, face the sun and give thanks for being alive this day. I am called to gather the healing forces of nature; of sea, sun, wind, earth, moon, trees, birds in flight, and send the unity of those powerful healing energies out to those I care for and love.

A beautiful sunset, perfect for sea affirmationsI speak their names into the wind and feel a sense of joy…… My prayer is that they gather these powerful energies inside themselves and let the healing begin.

My I See the Sea affirmations were written here on this same beach and today the power in the simplicity of the affirmations re-energized me as I walked the waves. They re-affirmed my spiritual connection to the sea. Do you feel a spiritual connection to the sea and all things of nature?

“I see the sea and the sea in me is Boundless.”

“I see the sea and the sea in me is Vibrant”A magical starry night over the sea

“I see the wind and the wind in me is Freedom.”

“I see the moon and the moon in me is Luminous.”

“I see the sun and the sun in me is Passion.”



Written by: Vickie D. Torrey

Vickie Torrey, MBA, MHA, LMBT is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist with 30 years experience in therapeutic massage and 40 years experience as a Counselor/Certified Social Worker. Ms. Torrey has previously served as Director of Education for the North Carolina Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), taught massage and movement for Omega Institute of Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York, and wrote for the Charlotte Post a monthly newspaper column entitled “Hands On Health,” that focused on massage, bodywork and mind-body psychology. In 2018, Vickie was nominated for the AARP Purpose Prize Award for her innovative work with caregivers. She teaches classes in Hot Stone, Intuitive, and Oncology Massage in Brazil, Costa Rica, and the US. Vickie spent 10 years as a faculty member at Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in Samara Beach, Costa Rica where she taught Ethics and Communications and Oncology Massage.

Vickie is the author of Joy Bringers: Celebrate the Joy of Each Moment which is available for purchase at Balboa Press and Amazon

Vickie Torrey is also the host of our Oncology Massage by the Sea Continuing Education Retreat.

The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy is the world’s premier study abroad program for massage therapy and yoga. We offer both a 600 hour and a 700 hour COMTA Endorsed Curriculum Massage Therapy course which satisfies the licensing requirements for massage therapy in most of the United States. Additionally we offer continuing education for massage therapists.

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