The relationship between yoga and massage – a wellness combination

Both yoga and massage date back thousands of years and are used by millions of people worldwide as a part of a health and wellness regimen. The two have amazing benefits when utilized regularly but imagine the good you could get out of using the two of them together. They are each proven to reduce stress, increase endorphins, and detoxify the body and when practiced together, they can do a world of good. Therefore, more and more massage therapists are becoming yoga teachers and vice versa.

Because massage therapy is used as a form of healing and, for many, so is yoga, the two can go perfectly hand in hand. Of course, not every massage therapist aspires to be a yoga instructor, nor does every yogi want to go into massage therapist. Yet many people are now joining the two careers and creating a total health and wellness duo.

What is the link between the two?   As was stated above, both yoga and massage therapy have been used for centuries in the wellness and healing of people. Both practices involve breath, touch, and posture. They also involve a certain sense of spirituality, if that is the kind of thing you believe in. They both lead to deep relaxation, release of tension and stress, and restoration of the mind and body.

Why pursue both careers?

Most people who instruct yoga or are massage therapists do it for the healing aspect, not to mention the spiritual and holistic facets. By pursuing dual careers, you can make a more well-rounded, holistic health and wellness business. Not only does it bring more options to clients, but it can also potentially bring more business. So many people are looking for an all-inclusive package, so why not make your clients happy?

If you are interested in pursuing a dual career in yoga and massage, the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy may be just what you’re looking for. Contact us for information on our 600 or 700 hour massage therapy course and our 200 hour yoga teacher training.

The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy is the world’s premier study abroad program for massage therapy and yoga. We offer both a 600 hour and a 700 hour COMTA Endorsed Curriculum Massage Therapy course which satisfies the licensing requirements for massage therapy in most of the United States. Additionally we offer continuing education for massage therapists and yoga teacher training.


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Article Written by Margaret Dunn.