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Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy is a well planned, accelerated course that offers students a variety of knowledge within the scope of Massage Therapy. The intensity of the course was high, but manageable enough with the help of CRSMT staff and class mates. Along with learning a new trade, the school is a walk away from the beach which offers a variety of areas to study with classmates. At the end of the course, I found that my CRSMT and the town of Samara offered a welcoming and loving environment.

CRSMT has been a wonderful and crazy eye opening experience. This school will push you to your limits and challenge you with everything you have, but the reward is priceless. The course work is intense and substantial, but being able to have aquired these new set of skills in such a short amount of time is truly amazing. The instructors/staff are wonderful,the courses are great, the location is absolutley perfect for this type of curriculum. I highly reccomend this program!

impressed and blessed

Leaving home on a plane I had no idea what I was stepping into only what I had read but I had faith when I set off on this journey I was going to learn a new trade, shed some old skin and spend time in paradise. I had no idea how enriching this experience would be! At times it tests your grit and your patience with yourself and others. Enabling release and awareness, if you come into this with an open mind ready to work hard and let go of what no longer serves you, you will set yourself up for success! The program is intense and most of the time has ademanding work load. Though the instructors are here to help you succeed and most of the staff have gone through the program themselves. Since I have been here I've not only gained skill but spiritual growth and have met life long friends! Persevere with resilience and love! Thanks CRSMT for everything!

The coursework at this school is plentiful and rigorous, but the personal and professional growth along the way is all worth it. The pace at CRSMT moves at lightning speed, but as you near the finish line you look back and see all that you absorbed and the new skills sets you now have with awe. I feel capable and empowered walking away from the program as a massage therapist. The beach is close by for the much needed decompression and Samara makes you feel at home with its laid back vibe.

Massage Intention

Knowing massage is right for me and finally deciding to become licensed, when I started researching schools I found all the local massage programs were 10-24 months long AND driving back and forth all winter in snow, ice and sleet. I googled a fast massage education to qualify to take the MBLEX and found CRSMT. I chose it because of the fast pace being a "woman of a certain age" and not wanting to waste a lot of time ready to live my dream (okay fine...the beach, ocean, culture, food, complete submersion with less distraction were all major factors too lol). The accelerated program has been one of the most challenging things I've ever done...and hands down (pun intended) one of the most rewarding in my life. I've laughed and cried a lot through this journey and I do not regret my choice and the friendships and shared experiences here have profoundly improved my being. I feel fully prepared to take and pass the MBLEX and deliver purposeful and skilled treatments as a LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST!!!! I'M SO EXCITED to return home and share all I've learned.

CRSMT is no joke. The curriculum is fast-paced and there isn't room to slack off. You will be challenged and discipline is a must, but if you're hungry this is a terrific spot to start your career path. The long-time staff and instructors are cool, calm, and on their s***. Samara is a small beach town and the potential to treat your time at CRSMT like spring break is there, but you will not succeed if you do so. The program is incredibly rewarding, and I feel confident in my skill set and knowledge. I feel prepared to get out there and do the damn thing!

Attending CRSMT was an amazing experience. I've not only gained a new career, but life-long friends through this process. The curriculum is more challenging that you expect, but with the support of an amazing staff, you'll find yourself thriving! Samara is a cozy little beach town, not too touristy, but enough so that you can buy some of the comforts you're missing from home. The campus is beautiful, and the beach is 2 blocks away, close enough to hear the waves crashing in the morning! I am so glad I chose this school. I could not have asked for a more unique and challenging experience!

This program has been an exceptional challenge, both educationally and personally. The experience is not for the faint of heart and should not be undertaken lightly. But if you dive in with your eyes open, the opportunities for growth will be present daily. I am so grateful for my time here at CRSMT, and all the memories I now have from it.


If you're looking for a great study abroad program then you are definitely in the right place! If you're a nature lover and adventure junkie who isn't afraid of a challenge-- CRSMT will make you feel right at home. Over the past 4 months I have been immersed into a world of techniques and applications that I never knew existed, and I am eternally grateful. Thank you to all of the wonderful instructors, staff and maintenance crew, my dearest friends I made along the way, Samara and all the wonderful memories I have collected in this short time. Infinite love, gratitude and blessings! ~~

I could not have imagined a more amazing, lifechanging experience! The instructors and staff really strive to see you succeed in the curriculum, your career, and your own health and wellness! I Give the whole trip a 10!

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