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Welcome to our center for Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy Reviews. Here you can see written and video reviews from graduates of our program. We update this section after each class graduates and we get more reviews to post so be sure to check back for more reviews of CRSMT. For more information about our 600 and 700 Hour Massage Therapy Curriculum, please complete the form below. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Our programs include both a world-renowned 600 and 700 hour COMTA accredited massage therapy program, numerous continuing education opportunities including a luxurious continuing education retreat vacation, and a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Our graduates are eligible to become fully licensed massage therapists in most of the United States and many other places around the world. Our continuing education courses are all NCBTMB approved and are good for license renewal in most of the US as well.

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The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy
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 84 reviews
Ericka Lafever
Nov 17, 2022
 by Ericka Lafever

Crsmt was without a doubt a place you go to show yourself you can do hard things. I have loved my time here and the memories I've made. I loved the acceleration and sometimes wish if could go on longer because I'm sad it's over. Looking back I didn't know I had that much in me. I didn't know how much I was capable of and I now i do ♡

Liam Martell
May 6, 2022
 by Liam Martell
An experience for growth

If you are looking for a massage school that will help you to learn massage in a shorter period of time than many other massage schools AND looking to have a heightened life changing experience, then this school is where you need to come to learn massage! That is what is was for me at least.

May 6, 2022
 by Hails
A supportive group

As told by a wise soul during my time here, "Massage school is about more than just learning massage." And, I have to agree. In this fast-paced program, I tested my endurance, will, and walls. The group that I studied with became the biggest support system in my life not only through the intensive training but also in a personal growth way. I am so grateful for these people and the experience here at this school. Thank you.

Serena Moss
May 5, 2022
 by Serena Moss

My time at CRSMT has been life changing. I have grown professionally and have been challenged in ways I never knew I needed. The curriculum is intensive but definitely worth it in the end. The faculty and staff are always there when we need them and the entire cohort is also very supportive. You’ll never feel alone on this journey if you embrace it fully. Coming to CRSMT was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! If you’re on the fence, come on! Take that leap! I highly recommend it.

Brian Koch
Dec 6, 2021
 by Brian Koch

Learning massage at CRSMT has been one of the formative experiences of my life. I came here to learn massage therapy in a fast paced, intensive program in a beautiful setting and this program exceeded anything I could have hoped for. The entire experience that the people at CRSMT work to create is fantastic. The program design, curriculum, instruction and classroom setting are all wonderful. The housing situation and opportunities to explore Costa Rica and meet new friends are also excellent. I am so grateful to have been able to study and learn at CRSMT and with my cohort here in Samara so close to the ocean and the jungle.

Stacy Allen
Nov 19, 2021
 by Stacy Allen
Unique spec in time

I am changed and immensely grateful for the experience I've had at CRSMT. I was looking for a holistic healthcare career change as well as wanting to dive into traveling, and when I came across this school, I knew it was right. CRSMT has been a commitment, a challenge, and it has reminded me to surrender. I feel ready and confident to jump into this field of massage and see where it takes me. My class became my family (I didn't want to go back home) and the experience as a whole reminded me that I never have to be stuck in a grind or be stagnant, but that I can always choose my adventures and live a life I am proud of. I was also reminded how much I love the ocean and how powerful it is to be immersed into nature.

Angela Hook
Sep 10, 2021
 by Angela Hook

After graduating from CRSMT in June of 2021, I passed the MBLEx and applied for my massage therapy license in the state of Texas. I set up interviews with four different massage therapy clinics in the area, and was immediately extended an offer to work at all four locations following the interviews! CRSMT provided me with an excellent foundation of skills in which to build upon, and I am thankful for the confidence and options this education has given me. I am excited to go forward in this career and forever thankful for my experience at CRSMT.

Madison Hartshorn
Jul 1, 2021
 by Madison Hartshorn
Intense and Impactful

The education at CRSMT was incredibly challenging for me and also confidence building. I'm leaving with the knowledge that I have what I need to start a successful massage career.

Abby Brossmann
Jul 1, 2021
 by Abby Brossmann

CRSMT was such a unique massage school experience. How many people get to say that studied in Costa Rica? It was challenging, fast paced, and full of excitement. The teachers are amazing and bring the curriculum to life. The location is vibrant and rich with culture. Overall, the experience was mentally, emotionally, and physically intense. I have grown so much personally and professionally and can say that I feel very confident in my future as a massage therapist.

Morgan Little
Apr 27, 2021
 by Morgan Little
Empowering, transformative & irreplaceable experience

Having the opportunity to understand myself and all the pieces that make me a whole, have been irreplaceable. Getting to live with people that inspire me every day, create intelligent vibrations, yet still have all the energy in the world to be themselves and care about me, and have the best time no matter the circumstances. This includes the students, teachers and staff! You WILL gain a family here. When you understand that the people who have chosen to come here are on a similar journey to yours, the light that shines from each person and is shared throughout the entire campus is immaculate.

The amount of instruction and practice time is a lot, but there was no better way to immerse in massage therapy, self-growth, and in a way that always encouraged self-care. You get to experience what it means to embrace every challenge, to be patient, be gentle with yourself, to be uncomfortable, and do it every single day. You CAN overcome challenges and adversity and at CRMST, you will see that you don’t have to learn the hard way. At times it can be exhausting, but the reward is empowering. The lifestyle you create here only reveals your strengths and molds you into exactly the person you would want to become. I fell in love with living by the ocean, and feeling the Earth rotate while watching the night sky. Life here is simple, but there is so much to reap.

Going forward now, I cannot wait to follow this career and use all the knowledge I have now because it is MORE than enough to succeed. The information I have absorbed and experiences I have undergone here are exquisite. Yes, being a good massage therapist is knowing your anatomy and how to touch, which we were taught, but what makes a REALLY great therapist and friend, is every other intangible quality you learn from being here at CRSMT. In the words of Jan, “learning massage is just a byproduct of going to school at CRSMT.” There is so much passion for this industry that you will find here. I know now exactly what it feels like to be completely confident: in myself, my touch, my skills and in this family.

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