About Us

The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy is the Premier Study Abroad program in the World for Massage Therapy Certification! Graduates receive an outstanding education and launch themselves into the massage therapy industry as powerful competitors with qualifications to practice legally in a majority of the United States, and many other places in the world. Committed to excellence, and maintaining the tradition of massage as an art form; the education at CRSMT balances the sciences of the human body, the artistic techniques of massage and bodywork, modern business strategies, and holistic lifestyle principles. An underlying acknowledgment and celebration of the human spirit creates personal and spiritual depth to the program.

The CRSMT Program is designed to prepare students to successfully pass the United States National Licensure Exam (MBLEX). Individuals who pass this exam are qualified to pursue many career opportunities available to Massage Therapists. CRSMT is an NCBTMB Assigned School and all massage therapy related education offered by CRSMT is recognized by and counts towards the educational requirements of Board Certification.

CRSMT is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education. This unique Costa Rica Massage program is for English-speaking students who wish to study massage abroad in a beautiful, exotic, and natural environment.

CR School of Massage Therapy is a Colorado LLC

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