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Steven Capobianco is the Sr. Director of Medical Education for Rocktape and has been a practicing chiropractor since 2003 with his main focus on helping his patients/clients move in a meaningful way. He has supplemented his traditional education with a diplomate in rehabilitation from the ACA Rehab Council as well as a certified strength and conditioning specialist from the NSCA and Performance Specialist from the NASM.

He is one of the co-founders of RockTape and lectures, globally, on topics related to kinesiology taping, IASTM modalities, myofascial cupping, compressional floss therapies, and movement/performance strategies. He is most proud of being a dad, husband, and dog/horse owner.

Instructor: Steven Capobianco
Specialties: Kinesiology Taping, IASTM Modalities
Location: Texas

Steven Capobianco On A Touch of Costa Rica Podcast

What’s the value of extending your abilities beyond hands-on care? Dr. Steven Capobianco D.C. joins us to talk about his journey growing up on a Canadian farm, embracing the importance of caring for the environment and teaching CRSMT students the power of using kinesiology tape as an intervention for their clients.  

Dr. Capobianco will also share the exact moment at his favorite place in Samara that he considers life changing and mindboggling. 


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