Bodywork for Locomotion by Rebel Massage

Bodywork for Locomotion

An exploration of how we move, what moves us, and hands-on techniques for the movers in your practice.

What You'll Learn

Students will dive into the anatomy of the foot, lower leg, knee, upper leg, and hip. Through understanding these components and how they interact, students will gain a deeper understanding of how they can fall into dysfunction. With hands-on approaches, this class teaches how to critically think about clients and apply techniques that cater to each session.

Course Overview

Bodywork for Locomotion CEU by Rebel Massage

Movement is one of the most basic foundations of our health, wellness and, well, let's face it, our happiness. In this exploration into how we move and what moves us, you will be introduced to the kinetic chain and how it moves through the foot, ankle, knee and hip. 

We will look at the bigger anatomy, how we stand, walk and move, and then explore the more intrinsic structures for more detailed work.

With live anatomy drawings, you will get a closer, practical look at the muscles and connecting structures that live here.

You will be a part of hands-on engaged discussions about the health of these tissues and, of course, the dysfunctions that can arise here. 

With techniques and approaches for the foot and ankle, lower leg and knee, and upper leg and hip, you will gracefully walk away from this course with confidence and competence in your skills as a body worker.

Certification in the United States

  •  28 Hours NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Credits
    • Official Course Title on Certificate: Understanding Functional Anatomy: Bodywork For Movement
    • Allison Denney Rebel Massage NCBTMB Approved Provider Number: 1557


  • Completion of a Massage Therapy certification program

  • Open to all licensed, certified, or registered Massage Therapists


Allison Denney - Rebel Massage

Allison Denney is a certified massage therapist and certified YouTuber. After over 20 years of experience and thousands of clients, she has learned that massage therapy is SO MUCH more than a relaxing experience at a spa. She sees soft tissue as not just a physical element, but more as a deeply complex, neurologically driven part of who we are. She uses this knowledge to work WITH clients — not ON clients — to create change that works. This is the basis of her approach. She is also passionate about creating products that are kind, simple, and productive for therapists to use in their practices. Her products, along with access to her blog and CE opportunities, can be found at        

Allison Denney Rebel Massage CEU in Costa Rica
Instructor: Allison Denney
Dates: July 14 - July 20, 2024
Location: Playa Samara, Costa Rica
Cost: $1,100 - $1,450

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$1,100 – Tuition and Shared Room

$1,325 – Tuition and Single Room


Enjoy simple and comfortable accommodations in our Costa Rican style bungalows tucked away in the heart of Playa Samara just seconds from the beach. Each 2 or 3 bedroom bungalow is fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Single or double bedrooms are available as well as studio apartments. Enjoy the swimming pool, lush gardens, WiFi access, hot water showers, and fans. A/C is included for all on-campus housing options for this course.

What's Included?
  • 28 Hours NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Credits
  • Airport Pickup and Dropoff
  • 6 nights lodging in our Oasis Villas – fully appointed bungalows with complete kitchens in the heart of Playa Samara
  • Course Manual and use of all classroom facilities (tables, linens, lubricant etc.)
What's Not Included?
  • Airfare
  • Meals – all accommodations come with fully equipped kitchens, and there are several local grocers including an organic market all within 5 minutes
Sample Daily Schedule

Arrivals Day

Arrive to campus and settle in

Day 1:

Morning - 

An intro to the kinetic chain and relationships between the ankle, knee, and hip.

An overview of the bigger anatomy and how we stand, walk and move.

A closer look at the ankle and foot anatomy with Live Anatomy Drawing on a human model

A hands-on/engaged discussion about dysfunctions that can arise here

Afternoon - 

Techniques and approaches for the foot and ankle

 Day 2:

Morning - 

A quick review of day one

A closer look at the knee with Live Anatomy Drawing on a human model

A hands-on/engaged discussion about dysfunctions that can arise here

Afternoon - 

Techniques and approaches for the lower leg and knee

 Day 3:

Day off for exploring and adventures 

Day 4:

Morning -

A quick review of days one & two

A closer look at the upper leg and hip with Live Anatomy Drawing on a human model

A hands-on/engaged discussion about dysfunctions that can arise here

Afternoon - 

Techniques and approaches for the upper leg and hip

 Day 5:

Half day

Morning - 

Putting the knowledge and techniques together for a complete hands-on framework 

Afternoon - 

End of Course Celebration

Departure Day

Depart from Campus

*Class days typically start at 8AM and End at 5PM and include multiple breaks including a 1 hour lunch break


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Playa Samara is a perfect paradise for continuing education in orthopedic massage in Costa Rica. The town is nestled in the beautiful green hills of the famous Nicoya Blue Zone on the Pacific Coast of the peaceful Central American nation.


Enjoy strolling the streets of the small downtown area and visiting the many local and international restaurants, bars and discos, and cute gift shops. The beautiful and tranquil Samara Bay is surrounded by miles of palm tree lined white sand beaches and provides a perfect and safe location for kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, SUP, and swimming as well.