10 Reasons To Become a Yoga Teacher

10 Reasons To Become a Yoga Teacher

Perhaps you’ve seen a flier at your local yoga studio, spoken with others who participated in our yoga instructor certification program, or simply find the idea of yoga teacher training fascinating and challenging. You keep trying to convince yourself that it is not possible. You tell yourself it’s not going to work for you right now, so you make excuses. You think teacher training is for students who are flexible, can perform impressive poses like handstands, or those who want to teach yoga.

But what if these thoughts are actually holding you back from doing something truly extraordinary with your life?

Imagine what happens when you get together with like-minded people and take part in a yoga class. You can see a bit of magic there. Take that feeling and multiply it tenfold to get an idea of the experience of gathering with other highly-intentioned friends to share 200 hours of practice, study, and transformation. Want more? Here are some reasons yoga teacher training may be right for you.


1. Strengthen and enhance your practice.

Increase your knowledge of the poses and make them more interesting. Learn about yoga anatomy and alignment, key actions, modifications, and hands-on adjustments.

2. Put your focus on yourself.

Yoga teacher training is an investment for you, your health, your growth. While your responsibilities will remain, you might find it easier to manage them if you have dedicated time for yourself.

3. Gain a deeper understanding of yoga beyond physical poses.

There is only so much that we can do in one class. This is a chance to learn and practice the subtleties of yoga, such as pranayama and meditation, chakras and energy anatomy.

4. Get in shape and feel great.

There is nothing better than practicing asana every day to improve your health and well-being. You will feel more vibrant and energetic than ever. Your family and friends will be impressed. We promise!

5. Your yoga skills get personalized attention.

Something you are looking for? Do you have a particular pose or yoga idea that you would like to explore more? This is the place for you to ask questions. This is not a universal practice. Learn how to adapt the practice to your needs, create a personal meditation and home practice, and get personalized feedback on how you can teach in the most authentic way for you!

6. Delve into yoga philosophy.

What is the history and origins of yoga? Where did it originate? Why is it still relevant today? Learn the vibrational language and science of sanskrit to understand yoga’s history and core practices.

7. Accelerate your life transformations.

Have you ever left a yoga class feeling like your best self? Transforming is about letting go of old habits and living in harmony with our highest, most conscious selves. This is the essence of yoga. In teacher training, there is both an individual and collective experience that transforms. Learning happens faster and your best is seen more often, inspiring you to live larger and brighter.

8. Build lasting, meaningful relationships.

Walking the path of yoga with others is more meaningful. The bonds formed during teacher training will last a lifetime. Immerse yourself in the community to deepen your connections with Breathe, the teachers, and other students.

9. Learning to teach is its own reward.

Whether you teach a class after training or not, there is great value in practicing teaching. The benefits of teaching others can be applied to all aspects of your life. Learn to lead a group through an experience and guide them towards a common goal. Develop the art of public speaking, learn how to communicate with more clarity, efficiency, and potency. Build confidence and trust your intuition.

10. You love yoga.

The most important reason why to become a yoga teacher is that you love yoga! Why not explore something that brings you joy and peace? Share your passion and expand your knowledge about what you love.

Yoga instructor certification students at Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy claim that the impact of this experience on their lives has been beyond words. After completing a yoga teacher training program, many students reflect back on the experience and decide that they want to share the beauty of this practice with others. Even if you don’t choose to teach, the outcome is very positive and enlightening. Your confidence will soar as your practice takes root. The inspiration our students get from training often fuel positive transformations in their personal lives. It is not always an easy decision to make – yoga teacher training can require a significant commitment of your time, energy, and financial resources.

Please check out the details of the Yoga Teacher Training & Certification program at Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. Contact us anytime for more information.