What is Yoga Therapy Training

Yoga Therapy Training Offers a Deep Diving into Yoga’s Impact

Yoga therapy is a specific application of tools that aim to help improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. It uses a range of tools to create this, including posture and exercise as well as meditation techniques and breathwork. Yoga training like this may help a person to become a yoga teacher who offers a more in-depth level of education to their students. By going to a yoga school, it is possible to learn how to apply the principles of yoga to therapy, allowing for the improvement of mental and physical wellbeing.

What Is the Focus of Yoga Therapy?

All forms of yoga, when completed properly, have potential therapeutic benefits. Done well, it can also help to create healing in a person. What makes yoga therapy different is that it applies a more specific approach to yoga therapy with the goal of helping people to achieve improvements in the areas important to them.

One of the first parts of yoga therapy is to focus on understanding what the person’s unique needs are. That may include an assessment of a person’s overall health and well-being. Then, an individualized treatment plan is created to address the needs of that individual. That care may focus on things like movement, ranging from intense yoga programs to more gentle and restorative care. It may also include the use of breathing techniques and meditation to encourage whole-body healing. There is also the use of visualization practices possible in yoga therapy.

Yoga therapists also focus a great deal of the work they do on helping to correct the physical problems a person has using physical postures and exercises. This may be to help reduce the discomfort and musculoskeletal imbalances present.

Each of these therapies takes yoga training from a yoga school with the ability to teach at the highest level. Those who learn yoga may be able to encourage their loved ones or provide some guidance to others based on the skills they have. However, a yoga therapist goes further in being able to diagnose and create individualized treatment plans to address the person’s specific needs. That requires education and training. It is only then that a person can become a yoga teacher in this area.

Why Consider Yoga Therapy Training?

Yoga training is a complex process, no matter what type of yoga a person learns. In yoga therapy training, a person’s education includes learning about yoga itself and how it works within the body to create positive change. However, it also includes a higher level of focus on creating treatment plans and working with people to create the desired outcome. There are many benefits to completing this type of yoga therapy training. That includes:

  • Being able to provide individuals with the support they need. That includes being able to create a level of care that is specific to one person.
  • Learning how to assess a person to determine what those needs are is a skill that therapists learn. This may include learning how to diagnose based on physical and mental symptoms and complaints a person has.
  • Learn how to make recommendations to people on how to improve their physical and mental health even if they do not have a specific problem. This could help with the prevention of or onset of various health conditions.

What to Expect in Yoga Training for a Therapy Focus

Though every situation is unique, there are a few things that most people will learn when it comes to yoga therapy:

Learning the physical practice: The first component of a yoga school for anyone is to learn about the physical practice of yoga. That includes understanding how yoga works within the body. Learning the foundation of yoga, as well as the overall benefits it offers is a starting point.

Learn how to teach others yoga: While providing sessions and therapy one-on-one or in a group setting is an option for those who learn yoga, it’s also important to learn how to teach others. That is, you need to learn how to communicate everything you know about yoga to others. Becoming a yoga teacher means being able to support the needs of others by showing them how to use yoga to achieve their goals.

Learn how to assess a person’s needs: As mentioned, those who attend yoga school may also learn how to assess the needs of a person based on their physical and mental health needs. This may include gathering information about what they are experiencing and listening to their needs. It also means creating a plan with the type of yoga positions and practices used to address those specific needs.

Learn how yoga impacts life: A big part of yoga therapy is understanding how yoga addresses not just a person’s health but also every other aspect of their life. That means considering the impact on each of the body parts and the systems separately and together. In yoga therapy, there is a strong focus on working to reach a person’s natural best level of body and mind. This, in turn, helps to optimize a person’s overall well-being.

Engage in a Yoga School to Learn More

For those who are ready to learn about yoga training and become a yoga teacher, the first step is to always focus on finding a program that offers the type of education you desire. Seek out a yoga school that can do that for you.

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