Virtual Team Building Activities – 5 Ideas To Boost Team Morale

Virtual Team Building Activities – 5 Ideas To Boost Team Morale

In the last few months, due to the spread of Covid-19, many companies have either had to put things on hold and completely close their doors or have transitioned into a work from home situation. While some teams have transitioned nicely into the remote work, others have a more difficult time with all of the change. This is where virtual team building activities can play a huge role in boosting team morale and keeping everyone focused and productive.

Hosting fun virtual team building activities can help bring a team closer togetherVirtual team building classes for personal developmentr, even when they are working apart. Need some ideas in this area? Let’s take a look at 5 fun virtual team building activities that will help boost morale and keep your team happy and working hard.

Virtual Team Building Activities

  1. Offer free Zoom classes for your team. During this time at home, things can get a little monotonous. So why not offer special virtual classes that your team can do together, such as yoga, meditations, cooking, etc.? This is an excellent way for your team to stay in touch and do something positive together. You can also use this as personal development and relate it to your company or projects.
  2. Host a virtual happy hour. Though many bars and restaurants are opening back up slowly, not everyone feels comfortable going out and being in public yet. By hosting a virtual happy hour, your team can come and go as they please without leaving the comfort and safety of their own home. It is a nice way for the team to catch up and unwind from a long workweek, while still following social distancing protocols and remaining safe.Work from home group text message for virtual team building
  3. Have a group chat going for virtual team building. Whether you use Whatsapp, iMessage, Slack, or any other platform, keeping a group message going can (almost) feel like you are all working together in the office. Yes, it should be kept professional, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be all about work. You can have some fun in there, as well. Share memes, talk about your days, or even vent a little. It’s like you never left the office.
  4. Host virtual celebrations. Whether it’s someone’s birthday or your team just hit a benchmark, celebrating wins can boost morale quite a bit. Host a small virtual get together, talk about the topic at hand (say some nice words about the birthday boy/girl or give credit where credit is due for a big sale, hitting a benchmark, etc.), and celebrate. Perhaps everyone can “bring” a dish to the party and you all eat together (virtually) as a team, or you make a toast. Celebrating your team’s wins together is important for everyone.
  5. Send out “good vibe” weekly emails. What this looks like depends on you and your team, but during these Weekly motivational emails to inspire your teamuncertain times, everyone could use a little good news. So spread some! Send out weekly “good vibe” emails including some positive news articles, good YouTube videos, some funny memes, etc. It is a nice way to spread positivity to your team during this difficult time.

If your team is working from home, then participating in one, or all, of these fun virtual team building activities can help to create a sense of unity and positivity among your team. Not to mention, team morale will be much higher and work productivity will follow suit.

Article written by: Margaret Dunn

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