Study Abroad

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When you become a student of CRSMT, we are dedicated to helping you become an outstanding and successful massage therapist, as well as the best possible version of yourself.  Studying abroad helps transform you.  The excitement of the unknown journey, the wonder of the new environment, the perspective of the foreign culture, the connection with your fellow students, and the pleasures of surf, sand, sun, food, music and the simplicity of the Costa Rican ‘pura vida’ gives you life experience which education alone can’t provide.

Living and studying on our beautiful campus, moments from the beach, makes your school experience tropical and exotic.  Imagine waking to the noises of the jungle, feeling the gentle sea breeze as you sit in class, learning massage techniques to the drumming of an afternoon rainstorm and enjoying fresh fruit from the trees with your classmates.

Our school is located on the remote coast of the Nicoya peninsula in the amazing country of Costa Rica. Samara is a special town. We want our students to fully experience this beautiful place.  Our staff and faculty offer various opportunities for adventure during your time at CRSMT.

Where else can you go surfing, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, and explore coasts, jungles and volcanoes?  Where else do you have the opportunity to learn about another culture, to truly get to know your classmates as you experience life in another country and to make lasting friends of different cultural backgrounds, all while achieving an outstanding education in massage therapy?

Study abroad makes it possible; CRSMT makes it reality.

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