Costa Rica is considered the safest country in Central America and works hard to maintain this reputation.  Former President Óscar Arias laid the foundation when he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987. Working diligently to keep peace with its neighbors, with no army, the country boasts that it has more teachers than police officers.  Today Costa Rica, considered by some as the “Switzerland” of Latin America, serves as the host for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the United Nations’ University for Peace and is a member of other organizations related to international justice and human rights, including the International Criminal Court.

Samara is a peaceful, friendly town that is very welcoming to the students of CRSMT.

During orientation at the beginning of each program, students participate in a safety discussion, reviewing safety and security and students are guided on good decision making in a foreign country.

Safety is the number one priority at CRSMT.  Staff and students at CRSMT work to create and maintain a safe and secure campus environment. It has round the clock security and only those associated with the school and those with visitor permits are allowed on campus at any time and all campus housing includes lock boxes.

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