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We are musculo-skeletal beings, yet most therapists focus only on the muscular side of that equation. That addresses only half of that system!  Zero Balancing – by adding a mindful focus on the bones, key joints, and the energy flowing through them, as well as on the soft tissues associated with them – for the first time, also gives you access to the deepest layer of the person – who they are in their bones – thus Zero Balancing adds a much needed wholeness to your work and your clients’ experience.  Zero Balancing is the missing piece in the world of bodywork and bodymind therapies.

This class in Costa Rica (with a weekend off in the middle for exploring Samara and its wonderful beachfront) is additionally special in that Zero Balancing is usually taught in two segments separated by months.  In this very special class, ZB I and II will both be taught, giving you in 7 class days, the entire Zero Balancing Core Protocol!  And, for people who’ve previously studied ZB, you are welcome to join in the ZB II portion of the curriculum.

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