Orientation Day at CRSMT!

Orientation Day at CRSMT!

And we’re off! The Rana Class of 2016 is officially under way and immersed in their first day of classes. Over the last couple of days we have met and gotten acquainted with this incredibly diverse group of students. With ages ranging from 18 and just out of high school to 72 and launching a fourth career, this is sure to be a class filled with varied experiences and a huge potential for interpersonal growth. Most of our students hail from the United States, but we are also excited to welcome international students from Canada, Italy, and even Curacao! Each student will undoubtedly bring their own unique perspective to the classroom and group dynamic. Over the next four months these 29 individuals will be shaped into talented, inspired, professional massage therapists. Some students will even stay on for the complete six month program which includes 100 hours of Asian Modalities as well as 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training!

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We kicked off this term yesterday just as we always do, with Orientation Day! First on the agenda was a typical breakfast of Gallo Pinto (a Costa Rican rice and beans dish), eggs, platanos maduros, pico de gallo, and local fruits! It was a time for the students to mingle, meet any peers they didn’t yet know, and get ready for the day.

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We next gathered in our primary classroom to introduce the Administration and Faculty, review the Student Handbook and school policies, talk about campus, and learn about Samara Beach. Director of Education Beverley Giroud set the tone with her discussion of academic life including course objectives, program intensity, and professionalism in the classroom. Anatomy and Physiology instructor Art Walker followed up with his introduction of what to expect in the science classroom and what he hopes to provide to students throughout their initial study of the systems, organization, structures, and functions of the human body relevant to multiple manual therapy practices. Director of Operations Tess McGrath then guided the students through a discussion of campus life including facilities, policies, and a tour of the property.

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There is much to come over the next several months, stay tuned for updates and many more photos!