Life Abroad

CostaRicanbeachshore     Carrillo-beach-remains-largely-undeveloped-and-I-love-that.-There-are-a-few-nice-hotels-inland-but-not-right-on-the-beach.-10-minutes-by-car-from-Samara-northern-Pacific-Costa-Rica







The Costa Rican Culture is very warm and friendly. The community of Samara is very relaxed or “tranquillo”. Many of the locals are aware of the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy and are excited to receive massage therapy at the Samara Massage Center.

As with any new environment, knowing the overall rhythm and character of the area, and the locals, will help students more easily adjust to their new home.

The Costa Rican Culture is built on hard work. Costa Ricans also know how to enjoy time away from work and make family a priority. Women are held in very high regard. Mother’s Day in Costa Rica is a huge celebration.

The jungle heat and noise dictates an early start to each day. Tico’s get up early, and go to bed early. Typical food is beans, rice, fried plantains, eggs, fish, chicken, steak, and beautiful tropical fruits.

A genuine smile and heart full of good intentions goes along way in Costa Rica. One thing we love about Samara Beach, people are important here, and the connection made with the locals opens the world of possibility.

The students at CRSMT receive a banquet of deep rooted cultural information that will help us open ourselves to new perspectives and to the possibility of how different life can be. Many of the students have made life long friends in Samara Beach, and have immersed themselves completely into the community.

Students have enjoyed a rapid Spanish language education from living in Samara Beach by getting to know the locals and working through the language barrier.

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