Learning from the Best at CRSMT!

Learning from the Best at CRSMT!

The students of Mariposa 2015 have settled in after their first week here on campus and are already immersed in their first classes!


In Western Techniques I students are introduced to massage through a review of its history as well as an examination of the benefits and effects of massage. Through lecture, instructor demonstration, and hands-on practice students attain competency in delivering a full body massage utilizing traditional strokes including gliding, kneading, percussion, friction and vibration.  Body mechanics, ergonomics, injury prevention, and healthy self-care techniques that focus on longevity, effectiveness, and career fulfillment are presented and practiced. Students are introduced to posture and movement pattern analysis with strong consideration of how the effects of gravity, compensatory patterns, and emotional and mental trauma can influence posture in themselves and their clients.


Today the students are working on the lower extremity – the thigh, leg, and foot – with their partners in the supine position. Here you see our Director of Education/WTI Instructor, Beverley Giroud, demoing the techniques for the students to use in their practice. Our students learn from the best!

Check out the complete core curriculum at https://msgdsgn.com/crsmt/education-1/comprehensive-curriculum/