How Costa Rica Beat the New York Coronavirus Response

blogger explains how costa rica beat the new york coronavirus response

How Costa Rica Beat the New York Coronavirus Response

Jose ‘Caya’ Cayasso published a video this week that has already surpassed 18,000 views on youtube. In his explainer video he describes how Costa Rica beat the New York coronavirus response by taking a fast and responsible approach to containment and preparation.

Costa Rican blogger explains how Costa Rica beat the New York coronavirus response

How Costa Rica Beat the New York Coronavirus Response

The video creator says “If things keep moving the way that they’re moving; we are going to go down in history books as one of the most successful case studies for managing the coronavirus crisis.”

Jose ‘Caya’ Cayasso is a Costa Rican vlogger and entrepreneur who has founded several companies and was selected as one of Costa Rica’s 40 Under 40 Innovators. His latest venture Slidebean is an automated presentation tool, and his company employs over 25 people in the US and Costa Rica.

In the video, Cayasso highlights how Costa Rica’s successful response to coronavirus was swift including drastic measures like ordering companies to begin working from home, restricting travel into and within the country, and shutting down schools and events that could encourage community spread of the virus within Costa Rica.

Cayasso is careful to note that, of course, the comparison is not completely fair as New York’s population is much denser than Costa Rica. His comparison highlights how quickly the Costa Rican government implemented measures to slow the spread of the disease.

The video’s primary argument focuses on fact that Costa Rica implemented measures before the country had reached 100 diagnosed cases of the Coronavirus compared to New York’s implementation measures taking hold at around 10,000 diagnosed cases.

Cayasso states that part of the reason the Costa Rican government needed to beat the New York coronavirus response in terms of speed is because of the availability of hospital beds: “New York city has approximately 23,000 beds which is 2.7 beds per thousand people. That more than doubles Costa Rica’s 1.1 beds per thousand people, and perhaps that’s why the Costa Rican government had to be extra careful.”

He also demonstrates Costa Rica’s achievements in the fight against Coronavirus with a graphic that depicts how few countries have been as successful as Costa Rica in slowing the curve.

how costa rica beat the new york coronavirus response graphic

In the video, Cayasso goes on to highlight the major impact that Coronavirus has had on Costa Rica’s tourism industry. Costa Rica has 2,600,000 tourists per year that makes up over 5% of the country’s GDP. He provides examples of how the government is implementing relief efforts to support families whose incomes have been lost due to the coronavirus shutdown.

Cayasso also highlights how this pandemic has opened opportunities for creative entrepreneurship to get involved in solving the thousands of problems that have arisen as a result. He believes that this kind of creativity and ability to work under uncertainty and pressure will help to create the jobs needed to recover from the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, he makes a personal plea for his viewers to consider Costa Rica for vacations once the pandemic has been contained and offers to take them out for a favorite national dish – Chifrijo.

Cayasso’s video How Costa Rica Beat the New York Coronavirus Response is another example of the leadership role the small Central American nation has taken in its efforts to battle the coronavirus pandemic. Last week we highlighted how the country is re-purposing a snake-bite anti-venom laboratory to search for a cure.

We will continue to post updates on the coronavirus response in Costa Rica and keep you informed.

Article Written by Bill Burden

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