Freedom on the Frontier, by AC Doyle

Freedom on the Frontier, by AC Doyle

Kelsey Holmes was a student of our Congo 2014 Massage Therapy Certificate Program. This article is based on an interview she gave to writer and friend of CRSMT AC Doyle regarding her experience in school and her successes since!

Kelsey was born and bred in Montana, and wanted to keep living there, but was unsure about which professional trajectory held the most promise, in these uncertain economic times. She had been finding irregular gigs as a skiing instructor and ice-skating coach, but they were not providing her with a secure stream of income, and, of course, they were seasonal. By word of mouth from local physical therapists and massage therapists with whom her students had worked, she learned of CRSMT. In the summer of 2014 she decided it was time to add massage therapy to her capabilities, and pursue a path with more dependable year-round clientele.

She concentrated on Shiatsu and Thai (both of which were impossible to find qualified instruction in anywhere near Bozeman), but was thrilled by the breadth of additional modalities, many of which she still uses to complement her Shiatsu/Thai practice. The skills she learned at CRSMT were so far above what her peers had command of that she is now teaching these modalities, less than a year after graduating. The curriculum at CRSMT qualified her for immediate licensure in Montana, it should be noted.

She now runs a private practice with one other practitioner, back in beautiful Bozeman. “I love the freedom it affords me, for my personal life. I can choose as few or as many appointments as I please. If I need some time off, I take it. I have independence. I have control. People out here in the mountains talk a lot about freedom, but very few get to really experience it, professionally. I do.”

She remembers her months at CRSMT with great affection. “It was so beautiful. Samara is almost TOO perfect; it’s straight out of a postcard. But incoming students shouldn’t let that fool them, the schedule is really intense. Yeah, you can get to the beach, yeah, you can swim in the pool, but the focus here is on learning the modalities, period.” She suggested that Spanish lessons be added as a voluntary option, a few times a week, simply to pick up conversational necessities. She is also keen on joining a CRSMT alumnae network, and would be delighted to serve as a facilitator, mentor, or source of referrals. She also is interested in the recent addition of an alumnae internship work-study program onsite, and would love to return to CRSMT for continuing education opportunities.

As for future ambitions, Kelsey is currently planning to plot out a course of international travel in which she can pay her way via therapeutic massage. “Seeing the world while making money – this is one of the only ways you can do it. And you can do it rain or shine, hot or cold, anywhere, any time of year.” Kelsey can be reached at [email protected], or 406-270-4251.