There’s a wide variety of food options in Samara, including artisan breads and homemade jams from the Farmer’s Market. Check out the local fisherman’s catch of the day, or sample a fresh cold coconut on the beach.  Enjoy a Costa Rican “casado” dish at one of the local eateries, or order a pizza to share with friends.  Finish your ice cream cone before it melts in the heat.  Start your day with a hearty German breakfast and café con leche.  Taste test the ceviche and guacamole and find your favorite local spot for both.  Try a veggie burger or smoothie at one of the vegetarian restaurants or maybe order some platanos (fried plantains) while you sit and take in the sunset over the ocean.

Samara has a number of restaurants that offer flavorful Costa Rican cuisine.  In addition, there are a number of Italian, American, Mexican, vegan, vegetarian and sushi restaurants.  There are two groceries and an organic market.  There are Farmer’s Markets and fruit stands, butchers and fishmongers.  The coffee, of course, is world famous and bursting with flavor.  No matter your pallet preference, Samara has a food option for you.




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