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Ten Zo Workshop

May 5

Sandy Anderson | 8 Hours | $160 | May 5th, 2018 | 8:00AM-5:00PM |

For clients who are uncomfortable removing their clothes for a massage treatment, or who cannot get down on the floor to receive a shiatsu or Thai massage treatment on a futon, Ten Zo is the answer. Ten Zo is a treatment given to a fully-clothed client on a massage table. It uses Western concepts such as a knowledge of anatomy and the ability to palpate muscle tension, and kneading, elbow and forearm techniques from massage therapy. The Eastern concepts of qi, kyo and jitsu are incorporated along with palming, thumbing and range of motion techniques for the hips, shoulders and neck from shiatsu.

To elongate muscles, stretches for the arms, legs and back from Thai massage complete the treatment. Techniques will be shown a few steps at a time and by the end of the workshop, participants will have incorporated all of the steps into a full-body treatment.

Clothing: Due to the nature of the stretches used, loose-fitting pants (elastic waist or drawstring) and a loose-fitting top are required. Tank tops, shorts and skirts should not be worn because of the risk of exposure. Jeans and other types of pants with zippers should not be worn because they are too constricting for the stretches.

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May 5
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