Escape to Somewhere

Escape to Somewhere

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It is virtually impossible not to fall in love with the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle found in Costa Rica. Considered alongside the majestic volcanos and jungle vistas, the pristine beaches and raging rivers, the simple yet undeniably delicious food and so much more, it is no wonder so many people fall in love with this country.

‘Pura vida’ literally translates to ‘pure life’ and is used by locals to represent a relaxed attitude toward both the ups and downs of life and a generous, good-hearted nature. It represents a commitment to nature, family, and community. Upon arrival in Costa Rica you will immediately start to hear the phrase exchanged among locals and seasoned travelers.

The charming remote town of Playa Samara sits near the edge of the rainforest on the central Pacific coast of the Nicoya peninsula. It is a cozy little village located on the shore of an idyllic pale sand beach fringed by coconut palms, perfect to soak up the beach life and sun in an unhurried atmosphere .

Playa Samara boasts one of the best beaches in Costa Rica, yet remains untouched by the development found in other coastal areas. The shallow waters of the large half moon bay are protected by a coral reef which makes for delightful swimming. In Samara there’s access to fishing, diving, surfing and more. In addition to Samara’s own nearly undiscovered beach, 12 other secluded beaches can be found within a 15 mile radius. Offshore Isla Chora is accessible by kayak, and the surrounding jungles are home to a variety of animal and plant life, making Samara an outdoor enthusiasts dream.

CRSMT has become an integral part of the Samara community and our campus sits at the heart of it. In just minutes you can walk to the beach, the soccer field, an internet café, many restaurants, and several grocery stores including an organic market. There are two banks, two local pharmacies, and an established, English-speaking doctor.

Samara boasts an artistic, musical, and holistic-minded community, with its own local galleries, open-mic nights and farmers markets. It’s safe to say that this unique little town is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So why would you choose anywhere else for your massage therapy school experience?