Self Care: DIY Coffee, Sugar, and Salt Scrubs To Make at Home

A little bit of self care can go a long way when you’re stuck at home. One of our favorite self care activities is to create and do a body scrub. Making your own scrub at home is super simple and you probably have most of the ingredients on hand anyway! Once you’ve made the scrub, you can apply it in the shower by making small invigorating circles on the skin, toward the heart. It makes you feel super clean, exfoliated, and fresh. Plus you will have an amazing glow afterwards! This is a definite mood booster.

You can choose to use coffee, sugar, salt, or walnut shell powder as your base. Walnut shell powder is available online and is what is used in a lot of facial and body scrubs that you find in stores. If you choose coffee you can either use it straight from the bag, or even use old grinds from your morning coffee! If using sugar, I use white plain sugar. Salt, use sea salt!

Once you’ve chosen your base, pick some of your favorite essential oils to add for a scrumptious scent. You only need a couple of drops of each essential oil. Be careful not to combine too many scents, because it could start to smell funky pretty quickly. Less is more here!

Next, add an oil of your choice. My favorites are coconut oil or grapeseed oil. You could also use olive oil, almond oil, or any other favorites of yours! You want to add the oil slowly and get the scrub to the consistency of mushy snow.

Here is my favorite recipe:

1 cup of coffee grounds

4 drops of wild orange essential oil

2 drops of peppermint oil

Coconut oil, added to consistency of your preference


Some precautions when doing a scrub: You want to make sure you haven’t just shaved your skin. Make sure you shave 24 hours before applying the scrub, because the scrub can be irritating to freshly shaved skin. If you have any open wounds or cuts on your skin, scrubs may be painful and irritating. When using essential oils, be aware that some oils are photosensitive. If you are going to be in strong direct sunlight after using the scrub avoid using any citrus based oils.


Article Written by Tess McGrath.


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