Dear CRSMT: A Letter from AMCP Graduate McKenzie Merges

Dear CRSMT: A Letter from AMCP Graduate McKenzie Merges


I want to thank the faculty and staff of the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy for the opportunity to attend the Asian Modalities Continuing Education program. As a member of the Alumni, I won this opportunity by writing a testimonial about my experience at CRSMT. I was happy to do so as this school changed my life for the better.  I wasn’t actually writing this testimonial to enter the contest, I wrote it because I really truly believe that CRSMT is a great school and a life changing experience. When I won, I was very surprised and very excited to return to Samara, Costa Rica!

Attending the Asian Modalities CE program was as fun as it was educational. Sandra Anderson the professor of this CE program was a pleasure to learn from. She made sure that we were enjoying our classes as well as learning the curriculum. This is an important quality to have when learning so much in a small amount of time. An intense course schedule can be very stressful but I never felt that way in this program.

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The outdoor classroom is the perfect environment to learn Asian Modalities. As we learned about the Five Element Theory, I could feel the elements all around me. It is much easier for me to feel Qi, the energy that creates and moves everything, when I am in nature.

I am excited about my new Certifications and to share them with my clients.

Thank you CRSMT for the education and the opportunity to return.  I am sure I will be back in the future.

Mckenzie Merges, BCTMBIMG 6807 i8X9mc