Coming soon… Rana Class of 2016!

Coming soon… Rana Class of 2016!

Here at CRSMT we are busily working away preparing to welcome our largest group of students to date! One week from today will mark the start of the Rana Class of 2016, and we can’t wait to meet this incredibly diverse group of students.

As always we will open the term with Orientation Day – a time to get to know one another and familiarize the new students with the residential campus, classroom procedures, and expectations for the months to come. From there the students will dive straight into their first courses.


We are thrilled to welcome back long-time CRSMT instructor Art Walker to head up the Anatomy & Physiology class in which students complete an intensive study of the systems, organization, structures, and functions of the human body relevant to multiple manual therapy practices. This class can be a challenge as the first in an intensive program, but Art is an expert and guiding the students through the material and empowering them to succeed.

Bev BzyAGS

We are also very eager to welcome back our fearless leader, Director of Education Beverley Giroud, who will jump start our bodywork education with Western Techniques I. In this class, which really sets the tone for the rest of the term and is the most time-intensive of the 600 hour core curriculum, students are introduced to massage through a review of its history as well as an examination of the benefits and effects of massage. Bev will employ lecture and demonstration and supervise hands-on practice to help students attain competency in delivering a full body massage utilizing traditional strokes including gliding, kneading, percussion, friction and vibration.  Body mechanics, ergonomics, injury prevention, and healthy self-care techniques that focus on longevity, effectiveness, and career fulfillment are presented and practiced and this class also includes a survey of various bodywork modalities and an exploration of alternative, complementary, and holistic therapies.

 So come on Rana 2016… let’s do this!