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yoga and massage

The relationship between yoga and massage – a wellness combination

Both yoga and massage date back thousands of years and are used by millions of people worldwide as a part of a health and wellness regimen. The two have amazing benefits when utilized regularly but imagine the good you could get out of using the...

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why study massage therapy abroad

Why Study Massage Therapy Abroad?

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” -Seneca Utilized for its medical benefits and healing qualities, massage therapy has grown into a prominent and respected career. This altruistic profession is perfect for individuals with a passion for impacting the lives of others...

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Matthew Howe Touch Education Teaching Craniosacral in Costa Rica

Autonomic Flexibility – Matthew Howe Discusses Holistic Massage and Bodywork

Autonomic Flexibility An Axiomatic Approach Matthew Howe, H.B. I’ve engaged many different massage and bodywork approaches with clients as the years have gone by. It didn’t take long before a few themes kept coming up. There were consistent similarities between clients and client populations. It didn’t matter where...

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