Author: Bill Burden

crsmt director of education teaching in the accelerated massage therapy programs

Why Choose Accelerated Massage Therapy Programs?

Why Choose Accelerated Massage Therapy Programs? If you are looking into a massage therapy program, but aren’t sure about putting the next two or so years of your life on hold, perhaps you might consider doing an accelerated massage therapy program. Accelerated massage therapy programs are...

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clodomiro picado institute in costa rica seeks to develop medicine to treat covid-19

Costa Rica Seeks to Develop Medicine to Treat COVID-19

  Costa Rica looks to develop a medicine to treat Covid-19, the medication would utilize antibodies generated from those who have recuperated from the illness, authorities announced. Costa Rican authorities announced last Wednesday that they will work on developing a medication for the treatment of coronavirus COVID-19,...

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yoga and massage

The relationship between yoga and massage – a wellness combination

Both yoga and massage date back thousands of years and are used by millions of people worldwide as a part of a health and wellness regimen. The two have amazing benefits when utilized regularly but imagine the good you could get out of using the...

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