Asian Modalities Certificate Program Launches at CRSMT!

Asian Modalities Certificate Program Launches at CRSMT!

Today marks the beginning of the May 2016 Asian Modalities Certificate Program at CRSMT! We are thrilled to leap into this course exploring Eastern massage techniques as a wonderful complement to the mostly Western techniques offered in the CRSMT core curriculum. We have five recent graduates of our Massage Therapy program who are continuing with this 100 hour add on course, along with four additional students completing Continuing Education hours.

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In this immersion course, students will learn how to perform two types of Asian bodywork, shiatsu from Japan and Thai massage from Thailand, which are based on balancing energetic systems of the body. To give participants a solid foundation of knowledge in support the hands-on skills learned, the history of these modalities are presented, along with traditional Chinese medicine, including Qi, Yin Yang theory, Five Element theory, channels (meridians), tsubo, as well as principles of traditional Thai medicine.

Participants learn the benefits, indications, contraindications, and assessments for shiatsu and Thai massage. They also learn proper application of palming, finger and thumbing techniques, elbow and forearm techniques, stretching, joint mobilization, and foot techniques with the use of effective and efficient body mechanics. Warm-up, centering, and focusing methods are emphasized as well as postural awareness. At the completion of the class, students are able to perform 60 minute traditional shiatsu and Thai massage treatments on a mat on the floor.

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The addition of these modalities makes practitioners more versatile, enriching the menu of services bodywork practitioners offer their clients. For example, some clients will be drawn to the centering and grounding aspects of shiatsu and Thai massage. Others may prefer how the stretching makes their bodies feel. Yet others may like that no lubricants are used and that they remain fully clothed instead being draped by a sheet. This versatility can help develop a stable client base by giving clients options in addition to Western massage therapy.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the AMCP Class of May 2016!!