A Note from Kathy Mannerberg

A Note from Kathy Mannerberg

“Creating business cards, designing brochures, goal setting, budgeting, researching, soul searching, learning how to turn dreams into reality. This has been the focus of the nearly two weeks I have been in Costa Rica at CRSMT teaching the Business Development class. The work is serious and focused in an environment that is relaxed and teaming with beauty and the kind of surprises that come with the morning concert of birdsong, the changing color of the ocean as if to show its mood, and the monkeys overhead during a walk. Many challenges are built in with a demanding program in a foreign country but so is the support from the talented, good natured, helpful staff at the CRSMT.”

  • Kathy Mannerberg, Business Development, Mariposa 2015

Kathy’s class wrapped up yesterday with the students presenting their business plans complete with target markets, marketing strategies, long and short term goals, and much more!

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