5 reasons to do a yoga teacher training

5 Reasons to Do A Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga has been used a spiritual and physical tool for thousands of years. People have studied it and even lived by its philosophies for a very long time. Whether you are an eat, breathe, and live yoga type of person, or someone that practices yoga occasionally, getting your training in teaching yoga could be incredibly beneficial. So why should you consider doing a yoga teacher training? Well, there are numerous reasons, but here we have listed five of the top reasons why you should go for it.

yogis practicing on the beach during a yoga teacher training in costa rica

  1. It will enhance your physical practice.  

    A yoga teacher training isn’t only about learning how to teach a class. It is also about enhancing one’s own practice so that they are prepared to share it with others. It can be extremely beneficial to those who want to take a deeper look at the poses and go a bit further into each one. Yoga can be an extremely beneficial practice for one’s health, and gaining the insight into each pose and posture can help you with your practice and your health journey.bhagavad gita yoga philosophy text

  2. You can delve deeper into yoga philosophy.

    Yoga is not just a physical practice. There is much more to it than asanas (or postures). It has an entire philosophy behind it and by doing a teacher training, you can take a further look into the background and philosophies behind it. A Yoga Teacher Training program will give you the basic knowledge of where it all began and about many of the beliefs behind yoga, as well as give you a deeper understanding of why yoga remains one of the most popular practices in the world.practicing pranayama during yoga teacher training

  3. You can find your tribe.

    Doing a yoga teacher training brings like-minded people together in one location. It does not mean that you have to be best friends with everyone in your training, but there are certain relationships that are built during this time as it is spent so close to one another and in such an intimate atmosphere. By embarking on a physical and spiritual journey surrounded by other people doing the same, you are bound to come out with life-long relationships.
    yoga on the beach

  4. Begin (or continue) your spiritual journey.

    Yoga, as mentioned before, is not only a physical practice. It is incredibly spiritual as well (for those who are open to it). Connecting movement with breath and practicing meditation and stillness are all ways to deepen one’s spiritual journey. By quieting the mind and bringing our focus inward, we open our hearts to the energy around us. Yoga teacher training can be immensely beneficial for someone who wants to begin a spiritual journey or who wants to continue with their own.
    yoga teacher training in the outdoor classroom

  5. You can become a yoga teacher.

    This is one of the more obvious reasons why a yoga teacher training may be beneficial. Putting a passion with an income is one of the most rewarding things in the world. By doing a YTT, you can explore your own passion and then share it with others. Teaching yoga is an excellent way to spread the joy and love of yoga that you may have, yourself, as well as a great way to make some extra cash!

If you weren’t convinced before reading this if a YTT was right for you, you should be now!

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Article Written by Margaret Dunn.