5 Customer Service Tips that Guarantee Success

5 Customer Service Tips that Guarantee Success

As our students wrap up their first week of Business Development class, we turn to a very important topic in the world of successful business – great customer service!


Providing stellar customer service by nurturing client relationships is one of the most important aspects of building and sustaining a successful business, especially when your business is dedicated to soothing and pampering those customers.

From the very first stages of booking appointments to the moments their sessions come to a close, you want to provide clients the best possible all-around experience at your spa. Quality experiences often lead to more client recommendations, which lead to a boost in business.

But how do you create an unforgettable experience, one that leaves every client wanting more?

1. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

People come to a spa searching for a stress-free environment in which they can temporarily escape their worries. Give them that escape. Instead of peppering your office with post-modern décor, provide a more relaxing atmosphere featuring greenery and candlelight to create a more natural feel.

Whether it’s a client’s first visit or her 21st, greeting her as you would a long-lost friend always leaves a lasting impression. Demonstrating indifference to her presence makes her feel less valued, so she will feel less inclined to seek your services in the future.

2. Develop Personal Relationships

Get to know your clients. As you’re providing them their desired services, test the waters—determine how receptive they are to conversation and attempt to get to know them on a more personal level. Ask what they’re passionate about; discussing common interests may help them feel more comfortable around you. Find out why they needed a day at the spa. Talking about their issues is another way for them to relieve stress, and they will appreciate your genuine concern for their well-being.

3. Don’t Push

If a client seems irritated by your attempts at small talk, let it go. People come to you to relax, so don’t feel offended when some are not up for sharing.

At the close of their visit, inform clients of any current or upcoming product sales or promotions. However, if they blatantly refuse, don’t try to force them into a purchase. Yes, sales are important, but you’re more likely to gain returning customers when you show them respect rather than shoving obnoxious sales plugs at them. Pushing them to purchase a product or book another session right away can make you seem selfish, as if you’re only in it for monetary satisfaction as opposed to helping others.

4. Initiate Feedback About Customer Service

When your client’s session is coming to a close, ask for feedback. Why did he choose your spa above others in your vicinity? What did he find most enjoyable? Ask if he has suggestions to help improve future sessions.

Have your receptionist hand out a thank-you bag that includes informative pamphlets on your hours and services, and how those services are beneficial to the body. Also add a flier advertising your website and opportunities for online reviews. (And who doesn’t love free product samples?)

5. Keep in Touch

Remember, your clients keep you in business; ensure they come back by showing them how much they’re valued. When you build relationships with your clients, they will be more inclined to share personal details, such as phone numbers, emails and home addresses.

Use these personal details to keep in touch with clients. Send them special deals on new products or services, or birthday discounts as incentives to pay another visit. There’s nothing like getting a “Happy birthday!” postcard offering a product discount when they come in for their next massage. Sending email reminders about upcoming appointments or offering discounts for booking appointments online adds a nice touch, as well.

It’s also important for your employees to understand these steps, because creating lasting client relationships is a team effort. Your clients should feel comfortable enough around you and your staff to recommend your business to others in search of the ideal escape and pampering services.

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